Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful process that uses the breath to reveal old patterns, buried emotions and trauma experiences from your life and enables one to safely release them.

We use the breath as a therapeutic tool, with a specific technique known as “Conscious Connected Circular Breathing”. Whilst in a relaxed state, the breath begins to bring up to the surface, multiple layers of previously unseen emotion, trauma and subconscious patterns of defences, that you may have developed since birth as a coping mechanism. These may have been blocking you off from certain levels of pleasure, vitality, and being able to fully engage with life. As these emotions, trauma and defence patterns come up to the surface the process enables you to release them, so you are free to live a happier and healthier life in mind and spirit.


What does Breathwork give you?

Breathwork gives you insights into various issues, challenges or patterns you may be experiencing and gives you the space to release yourself from them.

  • The ability to learn how to free your physical and emotional body from past traumas or suppressed experiences
  • The conscious shift away from victim mode and towards independent strong individual choices and manage emotions.
  • The revelation of previously hidden emotional, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of yourself
  • A release of negative emotional charges from your memory banks
  • An experience of clarity from within your inner self.
  • Connection in an even stronger way with the main strength you have within you, also known as your “life force”.
  • The magical conclusion you that your life is ideal, and that life is beautiful.

Breathwork Process

Breathwork is a perfectly safe process that only surfaces issues that we are ready to handle at that time, and when we are in the right state of mind and so context is very important here.

This context with our skilled Holina Breathwork teacher helps you to fully release the energies previously hidden and holding you back. We use Rebirthing Breathwork as part of the treatment of anxiety, trauma, stress and depression, as well as to change your reality into a positive and more healthy-looking future.

Your thoughts really define your own reality.

So, if thoughts and feelings are co-related, then Rebirthing Breathwork will reveal to you your own worldview and your self through a healthier and happier perspective, with huge relief and feelings of gratitude and joy.

Holina Program Treatments

Holina Retreat’s various treatments encompass not only best practices to unleash your emotions and expand your spirituality, but also go deeper to address our 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

By mixing up current modern-day Neuro Linguistic Practices (NLP) with our Eastern Philosophies, bought in great part to us from our environment of being in amazing Thailand, but also through our co-founder Prah Olarn (“Unlimited Smiling Monk”), we help you achieve even more happiness and great health in your life.

The Holina Retreat’s program is a combination of physical, cognitive, mental, behavioural, emotional and spiritual functionally alongside practical socially supportive activities and learnings.

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