Holina’s Emotional Healing

Holina’s Emotional Healing

We’ve had far too many enquiries from people, particularly since the global COVID pandemic, asking us for help and healing for emotional struggles, like anxiety, stress, burnout, isolation, hyper-sensitivity, aggressiveness, panic attacks and truly sadly, depression and suicidal tendencies.

It has been sad for us to observe this rise in poor emotional health and yet it’s also been inspiring to see many of our residents rise up and recover from such challenges under our care.

By using our mindfulness and wellness programs, with our counselling and coaching models, we’re able to make a real difference in the quality of the lives of our residents, who often arrive broken and emotionally battered, only to leave with confidence and a great joy to their energy, as they return home invigorated by the opportunities that life can give them now.

The most common emotional challenges we treat are:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Stress
  3. Burnout
  4. Isolating
  5. Depression and Suicidal thoughts

We treat these situations largely the same, by encouraging our residents to cut out certain things, and to engage in other, more beneficial things.

Holina’s tools for emotional wellness:

Holina’s tools for emotional wellness:

1) Movement Therapy. Motion changes our emotions, so by being active and moving our bodies around we get to experience healthier and happier emotions.

2) Abstinence from Alcohol and Narcotics. All substances that affect our mood, will give us moments of high and longer moments of being down. Emotional recovery involves being comfortable with our natural range of emotions, and not trying to change our state artificially.

3) Quitting Smoking / Vaping. When we smoke and vape, we get high naturally because of the increased oxygen we consume. It’s not the nicotine we experience, but rather the sudden rush of oxygen to our lower lungs when we inhale deeply. So, we help our residents (if they want to stop) to radically change their quality of life just by stopping smoking.

4) Limiting Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, however mild and however much you may enjoy taking the time away from your duties to enjoy a cup or mug. However, over caffeinating ourselves can bring about significant emotional experiences and massively affect our serenity. We’re not anti-Caffeine, but we do believe in sensible consumption.

5) Sleep Having a great night’s sleep is super important to our wellness. We achieve this very easily with our residents due to the beauty of our resort and the magnificent surroundings. We also try to tire everyone out each day, so that when they go to bed, they sleep deeply.

6) Food Consuming healthy and nutritious foods / drinks are the cornerstone of everyone’s healthy lifestyle. But how many of us in the current age eat whatever’s convenient or comforting. Processed foods sold from the long-term shelves in supermarkets are causing massive harm to our societies but selling on convenience rather than nutritious value. We serve fresh ingredients, prepared and cooked with love and attention to the health benefits of our diets rather than the convenience of something in the microwave or out of the freezer.

7) Breathing. Learning how to breathe deeply and enrich our bodies with clean air away from pollution and pulling the oxygen deep into our lungs, our blood stream, and our cells, helps us live longer and unlocks even more movement. At Holina we have a Breathwork Coach, we also use Free-Diving (Diving deep into the sea with all the creatures and plants) whilst holding our breath, and other activities that engage our bodies with more clean and natural oxygen.

8) Mindfulness We use various forms of Meditation at Holina, but our most popular one is “Inner-Walking”. One of our 2 Founders is the Island’s Monk “Prow Olam” which means “Smiling Monk” in Thai. He teaches us about Buddhism and it’s understanding of the mind, the thoughts and how to avoid suffering through simple strategies. We also Engage with many other Holistic therapies to serve mindfulness and wellness, not least of all, Yoga.

Holina’s Emotional Healing Program

By combining our experience from serving other residents with significant health problems, we’ve been able to create a fabulous and fun program for people with emotional challenges.

By using the space created at our Resort, with the activities we’ve designed for you, and a fabulous environment for everyone to co-habit, we have a program of emotional wellness like nowhere else.

Our private beach, swimming pools, gym, sauna and massage salas, permit us to give you the perfect time and space to recover.

Holina Retreat Program

Holina Retreat’s holistic approach brings to life a broad and healthy view that really meets the 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

At Holina, we use this framework to provide a journey for your to transcend your current space and enrich your potential towards further happiness and greater health.


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Emotional Healing

By combining our experience from serving other residents with significant health problems, we’ve been able to create a fabulous and fun program at Holina

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