Inner Walking

Inner Walking

The Inner Walk is one of the many highlights for our residents at Holina Retreats. We can use meditation & mindfulness to quiet our minds from the constant noise of our thoughts, expectations, anticipations, considerations, assumptions and other internal dialogues. Alternatively, we can use our meditation practice to observe these dialogues, get to know the voices better and learn to live with it in harmony and acknowledgement.

Inner Walk is an observational meditation practice founded on this Island of Koh Phangan by our very own Monk, Prah Olarn, (which means “Unlimited Smiling Monk”) a Thai Buddhist Monk, who was born and raised on this island.

This form of meditation permits us to apply to our daily lives the skills of self-reflection, mindfulness and objective self-observation. Once we are able to observe our inner narrative objectively, it begins to lose its power over us, and we significantly raise our quality of life by gaining both strength and flexibility of thought.
The practice is based on a simple technique of repetitive walking within a large sala, that allows us to observe the constant falling asleep of the mind into thought and awakening back to the present moment. Rather than sitting still in silent reflection, the motion and movement of consistent walking permits us to continually jolt ourselves back into conscious thoughts, and then later to observe the unconsciousness at play. It really is quite remarkable as we go through the process and we begin to see what’s really going on in our minds and we begin to develop acceptance, self-compassion and more loving thoughts towards ourselves and others.

The introduction and initiation to the practice is accomplished through a 4-day journey of dharma talks, walking, and group sharing circles. Once this experience is complete, the practice can be implemented into our lives in any way that suits us individually.
Inner Walk is a new style of meditation that can serve you to get back to yourself.

Holina Program Treatments

Holina Retreat’s various treatments encompass not only best practices to unleash your emotions and expand your spirituality, but also goes deeper to address our 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

Buy mixing up current modern day Neuro Linguistic Practices (NLP) with our Eastern Philosphies, bought in great part to us from our environment of being in amazing Thailand, but also through our co-founder Prah Olarn (“Unlimited Smiling Monk”), we help you achieve even more happiness and great health in your life.

The Holina Retreat’s program is a combination of physical, cognitive, mental, behavioural, emotional and spiritual functionally alongside practical socially supportive activities and learnings.

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