Personal Empowerment Programs

Personal Empowerment

One of the staple parts of the Holina therapeutic program is around empowering our residents to rediscover their higher purpose and to have even more strength going forwards into their lives to achieve greatness.

We’ve kept this component in the Spiritual Healing and Emotional work because we believe it’s so important for all of us to continue down these converging paths of personal development and inner transformation.

We have a fine selection of therapeutic groups and exercises that we use to help serve the residents even further.

Personal Empowerment

For Holina, your personal empowerment is an important part in your whole personal transformation, permitting you to take what you’ve learned here and carry it forwards when you return home. But it doesn’t stop there. Because of the nature of the growth you’ll receive at Holina, you will also be able to pay it forwards to your family and friends once you’ve graduated and returned home. And so, the Holina message of personal empowerment for a better planet continues to grow, one person at a time.

Shadow Work at Holina

Shadow work is a deeper look at ourselves and our character defects. 

By going into this work we can see where we are self-sabotaging and holding ourselves back from better fulfilling our potential. It is a process that creates transformation in one’s victimhood behaviour and patterns and leads to a greater sense of freedom and higher purpose.

Because of Holina’s dual work alongside addiction healing, and trauma recovery, Shadow Work specifically follows the idea that trauma holds the lock and key towards human development and its highest potential. The trauma traps us from connecting further into our spirituality and larger spiritual growth.

The trauma may, particularly in early life during childhood development, lead us to interpret our own story of life, through our own unique lens, typically obscured by the cloud of fear, anxiety and ultimately terror created by the traumatic event. It is through this unique story that we come to own, that we imagine and then ultimately create our automatic meaning of life.

personal empowerment programs
personal empowerment programs

Shadow Work Process

The Holina Shadow work process is an ongoing path, into the mystery of our mind, body, and spirit, bringing us awareness, and building new relationships between all our separate and usually conflicting parts. It is acceptance-based and asks us to take responsibility, have open communication, and trust in the process of our self-empowerment, setting new healthy boundaries with ourselves and others, and many other useful and practical methods to confront our Shadows and move further into the light of more authentic, healthy, and happy spirits.

Shadow work deals with these mind splits and confusions, typically created in our early stages of life, through traumatic events and permits us to receive a new design for living. 

In this state, the mind creates duality and polarity respectively, giving us a fresh perspective and the ability to identify deeper levels of our own persona, also known as the ego. 

Shadow Coping Mechanisms

Probably the largest part of the reason for our shadows has been to protect us and provide us ways to survive – coping mechanisms. Later on in this life, we will begin to understand that simply surviving in our life is not fulfilling and come to a place where we seek to expand the realms of spiritual and emotional consciousness to feel much better about ourselves. Essentially, the things that historically kept us safe are hurting us. This causes multiple and significant problems for us later in our lives, including emotional dysregulation, mental health issues, physical problems, and spiritual disconnection. 

This awareness that evolves through the Shadow work at Holina accelerates our personal growth into healthier and more mature functional human beings to ourselves and the environment.

Shadow work is a safe and rapid methodology to resolve many of the historical traumatic events of our lives and release ourselves from the bondage of these character limitations so that we can go on to live more joyous lives. Holina’s Shadow work takes you to a point where there are no more split perspectives in our reality and we can start over in a stronger and more stable condition, ready to live life in our character assets and truly thrive. 

personal empowerment programs
personal empowerment programs

Shamanic Community Approach

Once we’ve resolved our splitting trauma and emotions, we begin to understand our Golden Shadow, which is where we grow positively from and through into our future. Golden shadow is where our fulfilment of life is hiding, and we can tap into the creative qualities we have, such as art, talent, passion and more. These are some of the things we have used and thought we needed to ignore and suppress our feelings when we were in survival mode. 

We also can enrich our conscious and subconscious mind in ways previously undreamt of. This holds the key to our complete spiritual evolution and growth.

Shadow work comes out from the holistic shamanic community approach and provides support which compliments the talking therapies and other complementary therapies at Holina, adding to our alternative flavour of treatment for which we are best known. 

This is just one of the modern methods that Holina utilises to serve you to restore sanity into your body, mind & spirit, and the well-being of humankind.

This is how we get back to ourselves.

Holina Program Treatments

Holina Retreat’s various treatments encompass not only best practices to unleash your emotions and expand your spirituality, but also goes deeper to address our 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

By mixing up current modern-day Neuro Linguistic Practices (NLP) with our Eastern Philosophies, bought in great part to us from our environment of being in amazing Thailand, but also through our co-founder Prah Olarn (“Unlimited Smiling Monk”), we help you achieve even more happiness and great health in your life.

The Holina Retreat’s program is a combination of physical, cognitive, mental, behavioural, emotional and spiritual functionally alongside practical socially supportive activities and learnings.

Holina Retreat – back to yourself

Holina Cyprus

Holina Youth Village

Holina Village is a safe and contained space designed for young people from the age of 16 to 26, who are choosing to deal with their addictions.

A collaboration between UCLan Cyprus and Holina Cyprus, in areas of teaching, research, science, innovation and applied experience, aiming to support the wellbeing of Holina Cyprus’s residents.

Holina Rehab

Addiction Services

Holina Rehab Resort provides a holistic recovery program for mind, body & soul. A robust 12-step program, psychotherapy & trauma resolution, body movement, breathwork, somatic therapy, partially submerged in the pool, massages & physical wellness, art therapy, therapeutic activities, spiritual practices like meditation & mindfulness, and a tailored post-rehab program.

Holina World Wide Locations

Holina Rehabilitation & Retreat Services are also available in Europe at our new Holina Youth Village in Cyprus. We welcome the younger generation who have addictions, more commonly online and behavioural addictions.  Our well-established Holina Rehab site on Koh Phangan has now been in full operation for the last 8 months welcoming various clients from around the world to our paradise island.

We use the proven western 12 Step model of treatment, mixed with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and various other talking therapy strategies, combined with our holistic healing therapies and mixed with mindfulness practices, which originates from Thai Buddhism and other Eastern Spiritual practices

These are just a few of the main ingredients for a successful long-term recovery offered at Holina Rehab.

White beaches, turquoise sea and coconut palm trees – this tropical paradise island is the perfect place for detox and holistic addiction recovery.


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