Aquatic Tuning

Aquatic Tuning

Holina has a unique program to offer our residents, and one of the most popular activities is Aquatic Tuning, which is a personal empowerment program, aimed at creating self-awareness, releasing physical tension, and realizing our emotional impulse controls, to positively affect our high functionality for our desires.

Aquatic Tuning includes:

  • Directed observation exercises
  • Restorative breathing exercises
  • Chronic tension release
  • Cessation of the constant barraging cruelty of one’s own brain
  • Resolving emotional obstructions
  • Applying ones rejuvenated functionality in life conditions

Aquatic Tuning Process


The outcome of the Holina Aquatic Tuning process includes the following:

  • Restoring free, unblocked breathing
  • Able to react & function in the moment
  • Releasing tension and teaching you to remove tension in the future.
  • Maintaining focus for significantly longer periods
  • Learning Aquatic Tuning’s postures and movements
  • Mental clarity over confusion or disorientation
  • Recognizing and releasing deep chronic tension
  • Linking painful emotions to tension and letting them go
  • Liberating painful emotions through specific pressure points
  • Releasing life-long breathing patterns triggering emotional distress
  • Connecting to any experience with the appropriate emotion
  • Making effective choices based upon current stimulus
  • Hearing one’s own defeating self-narrative habits
  • Following principles for self-nourishment and individual strengthening
  • Basic shift from negative inner narrative to positive ones
  • Experience the breathing program as a healing oasis
  • Experience the new ‘breathing program’ as effective in changing one’s narrative and experience


Aquatic Tuning constructive Meditation

By using the resident’s deep mindfulness, whilst guiding them through old and new emotional challenges, and using short sentence stems and single words, we guide the resident into their to root feelings, thought

Outcomes from Aquatic Tuning constructive meditation

Outcomes from this include:

Intuitive and sub-conscious realizations and connections
Connecting emotions and experiences to the breathing program.
An understanding of new behavioral choices.
Recognizing ones lifelong self-limiting narrative as a separate mental function.
Use the new positive program, ‘following one’s breath’, to manage distress
Using the new program to for mental clarity on old issues, traumas and pain
Developing new ego strengthening behavior under stress
Using our new emotional IQ skill set for managing specific life issues
Actualizing new positive self-narratives from impulses

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