Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

The Holina Spiritual Healing Program is our signature program. Whilst we’re well recognised for our work serving people afflicted with addiction or depression, and we’ve been ground-breaking in our efforts to serve people with emotional or behavioural challenges, where we are perhaps best known is in the field of spiritual healing.

Because of our 2 Founders backgrounds, we’ve merged two deep and spiritual worlds into one holistic healing environment that serves our residents spiritually, as well as emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Our Primary Founder is the Island of Koh Phangan’s leading Monk Prow Olam, which means “Smiling / laughing Monk” in Thai. His deep and profound Buddhist influence on our centre and all its residents goes a great distance towards creating the space for spiritual rebirth, learning, and understanding, alongside compassion and laughter.

Meanwhile, Yossi Zubari is a long-time member of 12 Step Fellowships who’ve understanding of Spirituality from a humanistic point of view brings an even more practical modality for spirituality.

In practical terms, this means we’ve merged the ancient Buddhist philosophies, with the modern-day Spirituality of the 20 th and 21 st century to bring about sincere change in those who seek our Spiritual healing programs.

Holina’s Spiritual Healing Program

By utilising the best in mindfulness, wellness and spiritual practices that we’ve had the privilege to appreciate for ourselves and merging them all into a coherent and purpose led direction over 3 weeks, we lead our residents down a path towards contentment, servitude, personal discovery and sinner soul searching.

Incorporating Monk Prow Olam’s Inner-Walk Mediation, along with daily yoga, breathwork, mindfulness meditations, and other wellness focused activities, we deliver some of the best that Thailand has to offer.

Then, but adding Yossi’s 12 Step principles and his own lessons in spirituality that he’s discovered for himself over his own lifetime, including an attitude of gratitude, humility and humbleness, service to others and in turn to ourselves, we’ve created a Spiritual healing program that makes a real difference in your own life, and the lives of those around you too.

Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox Information

Our resort has the space for everyone to come and explore their own destiny and spiritual needs. By using the landscaped space of our private and discreet Resort, on its own peninsula against the Gulf of Thailand, with the activities we’ve designed for you, and a fabulous environment for everyone to co-exist, we have a spiritual healing that serves you, your family, your community, and our global population.

Our private beach, swimming pools, gym, sauna, and massage salas, permit us to give you the perfect time and space to come back to yourself.

Holina Retreat Program

Holina Retreat’s holistic approach brings to life a broad and healthy view that really meets the 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

At Holina, we use this framework to provide a journey for your to transcend your current space and enrich your potential towards further happiness and greater health.


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Spiritual Healing

The Holina Spiritual Healing Program is our signature program. Whilst we’re well recognised for our work serving people afflicted with addiction

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Emotional Healing

By combining our experience from serving other residents with significant health problems, we’ve been able to create a fabulous and fun program at Holina

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Healing Depression

Depression, like anxiety, stress, burnout, isolation, hyper-sensitivity, aggressiveness, panic attacks and even suicidal tendencies can be treated

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